Sunday, July 4, 2010


Had some visitors from the USA. Mike Knappier and 11 campaigners came over and worked with us in Venda. It was fantastic. Read below what Mike had to say. Thank you Mike and all who came our way. We appreciate it as we all try lead souls to Jesus.
Mike Knappier

My name is Mike and I met George in 2000 and It has been a great blessing to my life. I have seen first hand that GCM is making a big difference on the continent of Africa. I visit George most years and can only say. To God be the Glory.

When the big tent is put up the people come. The gospel is preached, souls are saved and congregations are established. This was the evening preaching in Venda.

Our campaigners worked with the little children every day. There were almost 400 at one time.

Sunday morning worship. Coming around the table of remembrance.
Sunday morning worship under the Chariot. Full to capacity.

John Maxwell singing with the Sunday School during Bible hour in the tent.
One of the Northside elders Doug Wilson. Doug told me while in Venda "I had no idea about the scope and impact of GCM."

VBS in Venda. The Venda congregation is a great partner with GCM. They are doing a great work with the children of their area. You can't win Africa without working with the children.

Bongoni getting ready to baptize some believers in Venda.

The Chariot had to be broken down and moved to the next village. One week a time.
Teen class during the campaign. Question and answer time. Seeking God.

Young children playing soccer next to the Chariot.
Going out door to door. The people would greet us and bring out chairs so we could study with them. Africa is ripe for the Gospel. A touching experience that one can only feel in Africa.

A Bible study going on during the campaign. The people were so warm and friendly.

Some of the campaigners singing under the big tent.

Africans love to sing. The brothers encouraging us with song.

The campaigners being bid farewell by the Venda Elders. They were so gracious and are big believers in GCM. They baptize 100's each summer using the chariots.

We ate like kings each night. The Venda church fed us. I learned to like mealy meal.

The African way of eating Mealy meal.

Maybe the oldest tree in the world. It is the oldest tree in Africa. Just 1 hour from Venda.

One of the great success stories of GCM. The church in Pretoria (started by George many years ago) is growing. I preached there on a Sunday morning and the building was packed with college students and young professionals. GCM plants churches in the rural areas and the Gateway cities like Pretoria.
God Bless. Mike Knappier.
Above shows Oupa Ria's father. Just weeks before he passed on. Wayne, Nicole, Channel and Cooper visiting with us and Oupa. Oupa was a very good grandfather who never had moods, but only jokes and smiles. Oupa became a christian at the age of 75.

Above shows Quinton baptising Oupa in 2007 at the age of 75. God is Good. AMEN.