Sunday, October 25, 2015

2015 Third Quarter Update and Overview

Hi everyone. It's this time of the year where we are firing on all cylinders, teams travelling in all directions and just so much happening. God is working and we give Him the Glory.


The first stop for the Chariot in Kenya was to visit in two townships of Nairobi, namely Lucky Summer and Namelock.  7 were baptised before the chariot then moved on to Kitui Township for four days.  

Layman and Robert then went on to Nairobi to visit with the World Bible School Office.  While working in Nairobi our team was supported by brother Tom Opondo from the Great Commission School.

The next stop was Kisimu where they were supported by Brother Julias Ojunga. They worked the area from July 10 - 13 and concentrated on three areas in Kisimu.

The three main areas on the Kisimu visit were Sabatia, Ekero and Mumias (as seen above).  Julius Ojunga reports that there were 11 churches visited, 4 schools visited, 68 baptisms and 138 new students registered to World Bible School in this area alone.

The last stop on the trip was Oyugis, Nyamira and Migoli.  They worked this leg with Brother Agwata.

By the end of the month long campaign in Kenya, ending on July 26, Chariot Two reported a total of 106 souls baptised, 8 restorations and 1280 new enrolments to World Bible School.  

Please pray for Kenya as we look into them having their own East African Gospel Chariot.  Lord willing, this new chariot could work Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia.  We have been praying and talking about this for two years now. 

The coordination and management team will be Richard Karima, Tom Opondo, Julius Ojunga, Philip Palmer and Robert Hara.  Please pray that this becomes a reality in early 2016.


Chariot Two crossed over to Tanzania from Kenya.  Below shows pictures of Chariot 2 on its way from Kenya to Chimala Mission in Tanzania where they campaigned for the month of August.

As soon as Robert and Layman arrived at their destination the tent went up and the preaching began.

Below shows Joseph Hawonga, he is the coordinator for GCM in Tanzania, and below that shows Brother Howell from Chimala Mission.  Robert and Lyman reported 20 baptisms while they were in Chimala.

The team then moved on from Chimala to Shasya (Mbozi Region) where they reported another 5 baptisms.

From Shasya the chariot moved to a very remote area of the Mbozi Region.

During the day the team went teaching from house to house, at 4pm they held children's classes and then later in the evening they taught classes for the adults. 

Below shows brother Stuka presenting the lesson in the evening.

From here they travelled to Itampi (still in the Mbozi Region).  While in Itampi Lyman and Robert reported that up until this point in their trip they had baptised 53 people and there had been 5 restorations.

By the end of this trip there was good news and bad news.  The good news was that the Tanzanian trip had yielded 91 baptisms and 5 restorations in total.  The bad news was that the chariot had a broken chassis bracket which needed repairing.

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to get anything repaired while out in the bush.  The roads in Africa are really bad - for this very reason we replace brackets, bolts and fittings every year to keep our GCM family safe, but things still suffer wear and tear and break sometimes.


Lyman, Robert and Moster entered Malawi in late August and travelled on Chariot Two through Malawi during the month of September. They also managed to get the chassis bracket repaired while in Malawi.

In each area they visited they were met and supported by the local preachers. They travelled from Rumphi to Mzimba then on to the Kasungu region and then on to Mkhota.  

Below shows one of the tent meetings at Junju Church of Christ in Rumphi.  This meeting resulted in 34 baptisms, two restorations and 45 students signed up to study with World Bible School.

And one of the daytime tent meetings at Rumphi can be seen below:

Mzimba pictured below:

Below are some of the new Christians who were baptised while Robert and Lyman were in the Kasungu region:

At Mkhota (pictured below) they held a combined meeting where 1,200 brethren united to worship God. 


Lyman and Robert have recently finished tent meeting number five and there have been 254 Baptisms and 28 restorations to date.

Below show some of the activities and the line full of baptismal garments after being hand washed and hung out to dry. 

Also, Lyman working with the little kids and just good old gospel preaching.

Please pray for the Malawian brethren.

We had US campaigners in Malawi.  They are from left to right:  Karen Valdez, Cathy Williams, Bob Mathews and Stuart Kirkwood.  They are from Buda, Texas.  Bob is a seasoned campaigner with Gospel Chariot Missions.  They worked with a school for the deaf, but also campaigned with the Big Malawian Gospel Chariot.

Below shows a photo Bob shared from a night preaching session on the Gospel Chariot:

This baptism below took place in Kwadzama, Lilongwe, Malawi and now, at the end of September, the team reported a total of 329 baptisms and 32 restorations.

Below shows myself with Lyman and Robert and also brothers Don Godwin and Bo Shero from Brownfield, Texas.  We just arrived and 23 souls were baptised in two days.  It's wonderful to see how the Malawian brethren work together to reach so many.  There have been over 350 souls baptised in Malawi in the last 6 weeks.  God is working through these chariots and these brethren.  AMAZING!  Thank you Lord.

Thank you brother Don and brother Bo for coming to see firsthand what God is doing through you all and thank you to all our co workers on the continent.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


The mini chariot, in French speaking Togo, worked in Lama Kara (see picture below), the capital of the Northern region, and was joined by brethren from the US.  Willie reports there were thirteen campaigners, five of whom could speak the local language.  There were nine baptisms during this Togo campaign.  Willie Gley oversees the mini chariot and works out of Accra, Ghana. 

In July the chariot went on to work in Assahoun in the AVE region of Togo.  The Assahoun church of Christ hosted a three day outreach program and as a result of this there were nine baptisms and all of these new Christians will be worshipping with the Assahoun Church of Christ.

Below shows some of the preaching, tract distribution, open air preaching at night and baptisms that took place during the three days.

Later in July Willie went to visit with the church in Beme.  While he was there he joined a bible study with locals which resulted in two baptisms.  Both new Christians will be worshipping with the church of Christ in Beme.

August saw the Chariot heading to Kpadape, which is seven kilometres from Kpalime.  Brethren from Kpalime joined the brethren from Kpadape for a four day campaign which included tract distribution, house to house bible studies, open air preaching and bible films at night.  The campaign ended with a worship service on Sunday hosted by the Kpadape church of Christ.  Five people were baptised over the course of the campaign.



The Pretoria Downtown Church of Christ is thriving.  Below you can see the Church that was planted by us some 15 years ago. It's a great congregation that meets in the Gospel Chariot Pretoria building.  It must be one of the fastest growing Churches of Christ in South Africa and the leaders need to be commended.  Dimpo and Stanley are the appointed preachers with many other brothers assisting them.

Below shows Esihle and Maria Mboyana - they are World Bible School students who came to the office in Downtown Pretoria for a Bible study on August 29 and were baptised after the study.  Look how happy Maria is in both photos!

Below shows Asaph and Rebecca Tshigang.  Tebogo, Zonge and Dimpo travelled to their home to study with them after their World Bible School teacher requested that we contact Asaph.  They were both baptised on August 31.

Zonge, who is now working out of Pretoria, has been getting some lessons printed off ready for distribution on the chariots.

Five Soshanguve churches of Christ met together for a combined service one Sunday and Bongani, with the Big South African Gospel Chariot, was there to teach them.  The meeting resulted in a number of baptisms. 


After returning from Swaziland, Bongani and his team headed to Jakkalsdans. This congregation was planted by GCM in 2006 and the team returned to them to encourage them.  They visited a school where they held a prayer meeting with all the children and some of their parents, they pitched the tent and preached the word.


Look how creative and aware Bongani Mabena and his team are regarding doors of opportunity. 

Here is a man who is home from Chariot duty for a couple of weeks and before he leaves for his next trip to KwaZulu Natal he finds the strength and zeal to preach to his neighbours and lands up having a street party for Jesus. Baptising 13 souls. 

And look at this big smile:

Here Bongani explains it in his own words:

"We had the opportunity to do an open air near the area I live in, we had bible study with them on Thursday and we planned the open air. 13 people were baptised today. They will be with us at the combine service this weekend. We even organised transport for them.
Victor my co worker who's cousin who also stays in Pretoria, was also baptised during the open air. This after Victor started teaching him some weeks back.
Many of our neighbours came over and had many questions regarding Gods Word. We are so thankful to God to show us that there are still people who are thirsty for His word."

Below shows the combined service Bongani speaks of above:


Paulus and Leslie are continuing with their weekly classes and bible lessons and one on one bible studies at the office in Durban.  

Paulus and Leslie have benefited immensely by having the Riso printer installed at the Durban office.  They have bible lessons, tracts and WBS sign up sheets ready to go at any time.

Below is Paulus Sotetsi and Leslie Khumalo teaching.  They teach thousands through the post and then follow up and have Saturday seminars. I will be in Durban on the 17th of October doing a leadership seminar for students and brethren in the area.  

Bongani and the Big South African Gospel Chariot left for Durban on September 21 making October a KwaZulu Natal month. Please pray for our brothers and the region of Natal. Thank you Lord.


Above shows the Western Cape mini chariot having a break on the side of the road while Lazarus and Gladman were out on a three week trip visiting and networking with churches of Christ and evangelizing and visiting with WBS students.  To name a few:

Samuel Baba Ngqungwana in Port Elizabeth,

Jameila McCorn (student of Loretta McKisso, AZ-007) in Humansdorp

and Gcume Lindani (student of REACH, TX-481) in Jeffrey's Bay.

They ate breakfast on the go:

Lazarus and Gladman also headed inland with the mini chariot and visited the church in Upington:

They visited the church in Rosedale:

Here Lazarus and Gladman are pictured visiting with WBS student, Banele Mchizwa (teachers Ruth and Gene Edmonds, TX-762) at his home.  Banele is in the centre.


The church at Kwanokuthula in Plettenberg Bay continues to grow under the guidance of Lazarus.  He recently wrote that their goal is to "reach the unchurched and the unreached" in their community. 

Lazarus has just returned from a very busy trip to Cape Town.  He reports that he had 5,000 WBS introduction courses when he left Plettenberg Bay and he distributed every single one of them while on his trip!

Charles Kanyemba, a WBS student, was baptized and he has been linked to his local congregation.  Lazarus also managed to visit with Marcel Cibanda Citenga, another WBS student and he also met with some of the Cape Town churches to plan the work we'll be doing with them next year in April and May.  He also visited with Benjamin Mnqabe, a WBS student who was baptized and worships with the church of Christ at Somerset West.  you can also see the Western Cape Chariot loading literature for distribution.


The short term school has finished its semester.  The mini chariot is now visiting struggling congregations and helping visit those who were baptised.  Lord willing, Brother Machona Monyamane, who is returning to South Africa after studying at Harding University, will help co-ordinate GCM mission efforts in Venda, but also help promote the Short Term Bible School.  Venda is strategically situated in the northern part of South Africa.  Things look very promising for these brethren to do amazing things for God.

The Gospel meeting in June and July went very well and finished off with 80 baptisms despite the cold, Winter weather. Bongani reports there were 7 baptisms and 4 restorations.  Bongani says it is so motivating to be working with churches who get excited about evangelism and about working with the Gospel Chariots.

Bongani and his team also held four open air teaching sessions in the Limpopo region before they then moved on to Swaziland.

Below shows the Short Term Bible School in Venda overseen by brother Malindi and the Tshidimbini church elders.  We have been working with the brethren for ten years now and our goal is to train new converts up, reach out using the Gospel Chariots and crossing borders doing mission work.

Below you can see brother Malindi and some brethren crossing once again into Zimbabwe.  First they visited Gweru where brothers Malindi and Razwiedani conducted a leadership meeting.

The next day they went on to visit with and encourage the newly planted congregation at Beitbridge that was planted by the Gospel Chariot team in Zimbabwe.  Please pray for the Venda brethren as they become true missionaries crossing borders for Jesus.


In August the mini chariot was used for a seminar in Manyame, Chitungwiza.  270 people attended and there were 30 baptisms as a result of the seminar. 

Chris Magudu reports that the mini chariot was very useful in their campaign and they also used the loudspeaker on the chariot to announce the seminar from street to street and invite people to join them.

Chris and Auswich are already planning WBS seminars for 2016 and are hoping to host seminars in June and July in Harare, Bindura, Gweru and Masvingo.

The chariot team (Chris and Auswich along with Godwin) reports 50 souls baptized in August.

Auswich also reports that the work in the South continues to do well.  He has been visiting with and encouraging the new congregation at Beitbridge and reports that it has grown to 24 members.

In early September Auswich travelled with the mini chariot to visit with and encourage the church at Mayambara - they are a church that was planted by the GCM team and Auswich was delighted to find that they were all still faithful.  He invited the church from Chitungwiza to help him and he says he had a great response.  The church at Mayambara does not have a building to worship in and because their were so many people meeting together he was very grateful to have the GCM tent to provide shelter for them to worship under as it was very sunny.

In mid September Auswich, Washington Mhlanga and Chris Magadu went on a trip to Chimanimani and Chipinge (Manicaland Province) to follow up on WBS students and to recruit new students to WBS.  Auswich reports they were well received and they managed to visit with 31 WBS students and even managed to baptize on of them.  Her name is Tarisai T. Mhlanga and her teacher is TN-155.  She attended her first worship service at Chipinge Church of Christ on September 13.  

From there the team travelled on to Kamutanho - a church which was planted last year in a combined effort with the GCM team.  Auswich reports the church is doing very well.

On Sunday, September 20, the team went to preach at Dzivarasekwa and 9 people were baptized.  We are excited to see the work in Zimbabwe!


In August Bongani and his team (Victor and Tumelo) took Chariot One up to Swaziland.  They arrived at Swaziland through the Oshoek border post and travelled on to the African Christian College where they worked under the oversight of Bheki Mamba and the local congregations. 

Some of the Bible School students also joined the team for some outreach and door knocking and teaching.  This effort resulted in four baptisms.

Every week the team erected the tent, preached the gospel through Sunday and then broke the tent down after Sunday worship and then moved on to a different area.  Below shows Victor working on putting up the tent in Timbutini and below that you can see him washing the dishes and then below that you see Bongani preaching.

One of the areas where the chariot stopped was a piece of land belonging to the local congregation and they even organized a jumping castle for the children while the chariot was there!  Bongani reports that it was great to see how the children from the area impacted the greater community.


The Benin chariot is still rolling and reaching souls.  Below shows this chariot in action. 

A new congregation was planted in Ouidah in July and there were five people baptised.

The team in Benin is doing such a great job of reaching out into French speaking Africa and we are so blessed to be a part of this outreach.


The Chariot was hosted by thirty different congregations in the Assin Traditional area of Ghana for the month of July.  Evans reports the chariot was well accepted and it was so good for the churches to be helped by the chariot.

During this third quarter the chariot worked with the brethren in the Assin District in the central region of Ghana.  They worked in 23 towns and villages and were able to plant two new congregations.  The churches int he Assin District are going to help grow these two new churches.  While in this area the chariot handed out some Bibles and also had a slot on the local radio station.  Thirteen villages and towns were able to tune in and listen.

The team also hosted a week long youth outreach in Oda.  350 youth attended and 79 people were baptised.

This quarter saw 1,219 new WBS enrolments and 130 baptisms.


Below shows the new Chariot for Namibia.  It is being built in Springs, near Johannesburg, and Dimpo had the opportunity to go and have a look at its progress. 

It has since been painted red and will now be exported to Namibia.  Lord willing, this chariot will work in Namibia and also cross over into Angola and Botswana.

Dimpo, Zonge and Matthews travelled to Windhoek to encourage the Namibian brethren, to prepare for the new intake at the bible School and to work on training up the new workers/evangelists for the Namibian chariot.  Both Zonge and Matthews are graduates of the Pretoria Short Term School and they are amazing, eloquent young preachers.

Dimpo, Matthews and Zonge spent time teaching and preaching at the Wanaheda Church of Christ and below shows Matthews teaching a Wednesday night Bible study.

The first students have arrived for 2 months of bible studies with our GCM team from Pretoria. You can see Dimpo and Matthews teaching. 

We use the Nations University curriculum and when students go home, they can continue through correspondence and online. Dimpo will be traveling up to the Ondangwa congregation. Please pray for our missionaries working in Namibia and a special prayer for their families at home. Thank you Lord.


In early July Isaac travelled to Compound Two to host a three day gospel campaign and it was so successful that a new church was planted there.  Isaac was excited to report that one of the head witch doctors in the area came to the meetings and was baptised.

Isaac is doing a great job of printing tracts and lessons and spreading the Good News throughout Liberia.  The chariot is working so hard it needed repairs in mid-July!

Gabriel Chea travelled to the German Camp in Margibi County with the Gospel Chariot in early August.  He headed up a gospel campaign in the area which resulted in four baptisms.

Isaac reports that the heavy rains have kept them off the roads for most of September.  He does have three campaigns planned for the north of the country and will head out when possible.  

Isaac was pleased to report that he baptised a World Bible School student on September 15.  He joined Isaac for a Bible study on baptism and the church.  Isaac says it was raining very heavily during their study and the student said he wanted to be baptised - Isaac suggested they wait for the rain to stop, but the student was adamant he wanted to be baptised right away so Isaac loaded him into the Gospel Chariot and went down to the water and baptised him.  Amen!

Please continue to pray for the safety of our workers as they roll the Gospel Chariots into the last quarter of the year.