Thursday, July 30, 2015

2015 Second Quarter Update and Overview

There have been hundreds of souls baptised in the last 3 months and I give up trying to keep track, but it's very encouraging.  The brethren are networking and becoming more creative with their plans as they roll those chariot wheels. Lord willing, 2,000 souls can be reached this year, a number of congregations planted and many souls taught through the short term schools and leadership training.

I am very excited because this is truly a ministry overseen and run by the brethren of the great continent. The leaders we are working with are so effective, so competent and so willing and the momentum is building.  Thank you Lord.  I like to say it this way, "We can't help everyone with a Gospel Chariot, but every Gospel Chariot can help someone".  AMEN

The new mini chariot in the Western Cape is up and running and the Namibian mini chariot will be completed in a month or so and should be working by September - that will make it 11 Gospel Chariots.  Liberia, Big Chariot Ghana, Togo, Benin, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Venda, Cape, Big Chariot 1, Big Chariot 2 and then Namibia coming soon.



During April and May the Chariot 2 team in Zambia reported that 57 souls were baptised and there have been 25 restorations. All credit to the Zambian brethren and their teamwork with the Gospel Chariot.

There is a lot of wear and tear on the vehicles and equipment as they travel and preach every day. The generator needed a service along the way, that is after being serviced in January.  AMEN.  Preach the word brethren.

Below:  Kanchele, Kalomo - three tent meetings resulting in 6 baptisms

Below: Njezya, Kalomo. As you can see the brethren welcome the chariots and the children love the evening bible movie before the preaching starts.

Below:  Tara, Kalomo

Below left, right and centre:  Nazilonga,  Kalomo

In mid-May Layman and Robert unfortunately had a blow out on one of the back tyres of Chariot 2 as they were working their way through Zambia.  No one was hurt but it reminds us to continuously pray for God to keep our teams safe as they travel away from their families to share the gospel throughout the African continent.  Please keep the safety of all our teams in your prayers. 

At the end of May Chariot 2 had moved on and was in Kaphika, Sinda and they reported another 42 baptisms as the local brethren united and reached out using the Gospel Chariot.

Below:  Chimunsi in Sinda District, Zambia. To God be the Glory as brethren preach and souls repent.



The newest mini Gospel Chariot is up and running and is working in the Western Cape of South Africa under the oversight of Lazarus Munetsi, who is based out of our Plettenberg Bay office.  This chariot is currently working in the Garden Route and has now crossed over into the Eastern Cape for 3 weeks of networking and outreach.  This design is so much better and more durable than the last couple we built, but also a little more expensive.

Above and below shows Lazarus teaching from the mini chariot in Kranshoek and Kwanokuthula. The team then did some door knocking and this open air teaching resulted in one baptism.

During my travels in June I visited Plettenberg Bay and I was joined by Mike Knappier and Joel Lewis from Benton, Arkansas.  When we arrived we went straight to a home Bible study (below - top left) and it was great - prayers, hugs, laughs and plans for the week.  Plett is my home church when in South Africa (below - top right).  We were all very impressed with the new mini chariot.  God is Good.

We started out with rain, rain and more rain but, we kept ourselves busy with the printing and folding of bible introduction lessons (above - bottom left and right). During this time the ladies in Kwanokuthula fed us.  It was so good and they are so hospitable.


Below shows Mike Knappier preaching at the Downtown Church of Christ in Pretoria before heading back to the US.  Thank you Mike and Joel for campaigning once again with us.  You can also see the GCM Short Term Bible School in Pretoria with Dimpo Motimele.  Every year GCM brings new converts into our schools to be trained up for 6 months and then go back home, but then also have the option to continue studying through Nations University.  Mike and Joel also did some teaching in Atteridgeville, Pretoria.  The Downtown Church of Christ was started by us some 12 years ago and has a membership of 350, all young professionals working in the big city.

Above shows Joel Lewis doing some teaching in Atteridgeville, Pretoria.  Joel and Mike campaign with me every year from the US.  Above, to the left of Joel, you can also see Machona Monyamane who was home from Harding University. Machona was our first Chariot driver evangelist and is today an amazing preacher and leader in the Church.  God really develops these young men when they work on the Gospel Chariot.


Below shows Dimpo Motimele and Zonge Xoshe from our Gospel Chariot Missions office in Pretoria where they had a drive to collect 100 pairs of shoes for an orphanage in town. The kids were so grateful and Zonge and Dimpo got to work with the children and staff regarding the love of Jesus.

CHARIOT ONE with Bongani

During May and June Bongani and his team on Gospel Chariot One travelled around the North-West region of South Africa and visited Lehurutse, Tlokweng and Musina.  They have baptised over 200 souls in the last 3 months and that is amazing for people to come forward like this in the winter.  God is working and Bongani is just a "mission machine".  What is exciting, is that when he is not on the truck and he rotates, he then teaches at the short term school in Pretoria and so he gets to know the students and when they go back home all fired up, he follows them up with a campaign, and is it working?  Amen.

Lehurutse - Shakes, one of our former Short Term Bible School students (pictured below - top right), teamed up with Bongani to evangelise his area.  They visited schools, preached in open areas, visited homes, gave out tracts and bible correspondence courses and the result of all their hard work were 21 baptisms and a new church planted which will be meeting at our old student Shakes' house.

Tlokweng - Chariot One then moved on to another area of the North West for some preaching in the villages of Pella, Vrede, Relotu and Tlokweng.  Again Bongani met up with a WBS convert and worked his area.  This convert has even bought a piece of land to build a church building on.  He has been teaching and preaching in his area since our last visit with him and this chariot visit yielded 31 baptisms.

Musina - Bongani worked this area before the chariot moved on to Venda.  I managed to join him with the group of 15 US and local campaigners as we were on our way to Zimbabwe.  We helped set up the big Gospel Chariot so it would be ready for the gospel meeting Bongani was hosting over the weekend.

Above shows myself with Bongani before we headed on to Zimbabwe for a week and stopped off in Musina again on our way back.  We joined in on a great worship service with the Musina Church of Christ, with Dimpo Motimele preaching (above right), and then we were fed by the sisters (below) and sent on our way to the Western Cape to visit with Lazarus and the mini chariot (as seen above).  Chariot 1 has baptised over 200 souls this year.  Thank you Lord.

Above shows the fellowship and wonderful African food the ladies prepared for us - that is chicken stew and the white food with tomato gravy is not mashed potatoes!  It is a thick porridge made from maize that is finely ground and then cooked in boiling water. 

Above shows Bongani and Chariot 1 continuing to baptise souls in Venda.  They will continue working in Venda through the month of July.  Remember, years back GCM built a Bible School in Venda and it's these brethren that help us teach new converts further, but it's also the Venda brethren that now help us do mission work across the borders in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  More about that under Zimbabwe below.  It is exciting as we take Africans to evangelise Africa.


In 2013 we built a mini chariot for Zimbabwe and we are now seeing the fruits. Churches are being planted and hundreds and hundreds have been baptised.  John Reese, who heads up World Bible School in Austin, also helped in advising us with who to get to oversee the chariot.  John was born in Zimbabwe and is very close to Washington and Alice Mhlanga who head up the WBS office in Harare, so they have been really helpful with the other elders.  It is very important that we use the best brethren possible to network with other congregations.  That is what makes this work so powerful.  God works through people and the more we work with, the better.


Fifteen of us put our efforts together and campaigned and assisted the mini chariot in planting a congregation in the South of Zimbabwe in the border town called Beitbridge.  It's the "Corinth" of Zimbabwe due to the prostitution and the millions of people travelling through due to it being the border where people and goods have to pass through going to countries North of it.

The mini chariot baptised 18 souls before we got there and planted the only Church of Christ in Beitbridge.  We then arrived and campaigned for a week baptising another 12 souls.  There were about 20 of us working together.  Remember, I told you about Venda just across the border who we are teaching to do mission work?  Well, we had 6 of them with us, also 4 Americans and another 10 Zimbabweans from all over Zimbabwe.  Talk about working together.  This was it!

Above shows a beautiful Zimbabwean African sunset.  Below shows the "Welcome to Zimbabwe" sign.  

It took us 5 hours to get through the border post! You can also see a map of Zimbabwe. 

Our Gospel Chariot Missions plan is to help the Venda brethren, who are mature and just South of the border, to cross over and work with us everywhere from Beitbridge to Masvingo and they have already started by training a young Zimbabwean man up at the short term school and sending him back to Ngundu to plant 2 congregations.  The Venda brethren are supporting him fully.

Above and below shows 20 of us praying before heading out going house to house and having bible studies. 12 were baptised adding to the 18 baptised two weeks before we got there.

Just a quick story....The mini gospel chariot was also involved and part of baptising 269 souls in the Harare prison and another 126 in the Masvingo prison. The mini chariot driver evangelist, Chris Magadu, told me this when with him and he was concerned that the portable baptisteries that we make were taking stress when baptising at times.  I asked how that could be.  He then explained that when they baptise 2 at a time it bulges out and bends the supports.  Ha, ha!  I had to be nice and explain, Chris please don't do that.  Enjoy the moment and baptise 1 at a time, otherwise you will break the baptistery.  Bless his heart.  Gospel Chariot Missions helps where we can - prisons, hospitals, orphanages, schools, highways, byways, you name it, we will try our best to proclaim God's word.

Above shows us driving 4 hours North, to Zvishavane, and visiting with Timothy Rinopisa and the 75 orphans supported by my home congregation, the Malaga Church of Christ.  The 4 hours drive was nothing.  We then had to travel 35 kilometres on a gravel road that is in a really bad condition!  But it was all worth the while as we visited with the children at school and also got to meet the local preachers and headmasters of the different schools.  We could not get to all the schools and children due to time, but must commend Wilbert Sibanda who oversees the program and who is an elder at the Malaga Church of Christ.


The Venda team reports that they have baptised three students from their short term school this quarter.

I was able to travel to Venda with my US campaigners.  We visited the short term bible school and day care and then the next day we held our Leadership Seminar in Thsidimbini.  Then on the Monday we crossed over into Zimbabwe and worked with the Zimbabwean gospel chariot for a week.

Below shows Don Noles encouraging the Venda brethren in Thsidimbini.  Don is from Tulsa and has played a big part in finding the funding for the GCM short term bible school and also in assisting with the new mini chariot.  He has been a blessing and has worked with me in getting the Vendans to cross borders doing mission work.  Taking Africans to evangelise Africa.

Then pictured below you see Dale and Kent Bresee, also from Tulsa.  Dale will be taking over from Don and has been part of the Venda work for many years.  They are also involved in the Bibles for Africa program that provides the Bibles which we distribute throughout Africa.  See section on Bibles below.  Thank you brethren.

Below shows Machona (left), Malindi (right) and Mike Knappier (bottom left) all teaching at the Leadership Seminar.

Below shows De Villiers (red top) and Owen (yellow shirt) in the school library. Both these men are working with GCM.  De Villiers is a teacher and Owen helps to teach, but is more involved in being trained up to be the driver/evangelist on the mini chariot.  You can also see some of the students being taught.

Below shows Machona Monyamane and his wife, Thabelo.  It was so good to see them.  Machona was our first driver evangelist on a Gospel Chariot and has moved on and become a well know brother in the brotherhood speaking at many lectureships throughout the world.  He is currently finishing off a degree at Harding in the US and we pray he comes home in 2017 and continues to work with us in some way as we take a continent for Jesus.  Thabelo is pregnant and we are all so excited for them.  Machona was a WBS student that I followed up on in 1996, baptised him and the rest is history and we give God the Glory.

Below shows the big Gospel Chariot working in Venda for 6 weeks.  Every year we return and work with the congregations in the region, planting congregations, helping struggling congregations and firing up congregations to do mission work across the borders.  There are 65 congregations in Venda and they work very well together.

You can read more about what's happening in Venda under Bongani Chariot One.  They are still working in Venda and have baptised over 50 in the last 4 weeks.


Evans Larty reports that the Chariot is still working in the Central region of Ghana, more precisely, the Assin Traditional area.  As reported in the first quarter report, about thirty churches in the area have been contacted and all have prepared to host the chariot.  The minimum days the chariot spent with a congregation is three days and the maximum is six days.  Many of these churches have no paid preacher but the church leaders organise and direct church affairs. One of these congregations has a member who is Queen Mother of a town.  She does her best to organise the church women for training in church work. Heritage Bible Institute has seen the need and will organise leadership training for these churches to train leaders for ministry and missions.  During the period there was night street preaching with an average attendance of about 400 people.  The team visited high schools to enrol students and share bibles.  Some schools have an attendance of about six hundred students who received bibles.  The word of God is daily gaining ground in the hearts of men and women and many are being converted to Christ.

A group of Church of Christ University students, code named COCSU, organised a week long evangelism.  This evangelism was in collaboration with Heritage Bible Institute students and the Gospel Chariot and three churches in the area.  It was a well co-ordinated mission effort that yielded 27 baptisms.  The gospel was preached to every household and many asked why we have delayed to share the gospel with them.  Evans was involved in an accident with his vehicle when attending this program from Accra.  A commercial vehicle crossed his path and abruptly stopped at a traffic light.  There was nothing he could do other than to hit the rear of the commercial vehicle which damaged his vehicle.  There were no casualties.  After the program the Gospel Chariot was due for a service and was brought to Accra for servicing but has since gone back to the central region to evangelize. 

Evans reports that 1,100 students were enrolled to World Bible School and 32 souls were added to the church.

Thank you, Lord.  You don't get better than this.  Marching for Jesus, handing out bibles, reaching the young at school and baptising those being touched by His word.  May God continue to work in Ghana this way.


The Benin team getting ready to head out on a trip:

We are excited to share that the Benin chariot has reported it's first direct convert! 

The photo below shows Pierre, the preacher at Allada Church of Christ, after he taught and then baptised our newest Christian.

The chariot team also reports that they were caught in a heavy downpour and got stuck in the mud for a few hours - Honore, the chariot driver, literally had a mud bath!

George Akpabli reports that the team did a lot of night time preaching in the villages and they were well received.  Below shows Honore (in the red shirt) and Pierre (in the green shirt) teaching at night and also shows the crowds that the chariot draws when it's in an area.


The team in Togo reports that they had a very quiet month in April as it was the time of their Presidential elections and the authorities were not willing to issue permits for public gatherings.  They did, however, manage to organize one campaign outside the city of Kpalime, in Agou Gare.  Four people were baptized as a result of the campaign to Agou Gare.

They also quietly made visits to a few villages ( Huime, Akata, Agame and Agoviep) for tract distribution and personal visits and home Bible studies during April and May.

Willie also reports that the Togo team has managed to purchase a shop in Zomayi, Kpalime (see below) which has since been renovated and is now being used as a World Bible School literature centre and will also serve as the Gospel Chariot Missions contact office.  Willie says "Such an office became necessary because it is a taboo for some denominations to enter places of worship of other churches.  This office is considered a neutral ground."


The team in Malawi continues to visit schools and recruit students for World Bible School.  Emmanuel and Robert report that students are always very excited to have the chariot visit their school and they have managed to enroll 2,806 students in this last quarter and 17 have been baptised.

Moster also wanted to acknowledge World Bible School teachers James Van Zandt (AR) and Harden Harris for all their work in teaching a large number of the students who've been enrolled in Malawi.  One of Harden's students, who has been baptised as a result of studying through WBS, has now signed up to study at the Bible school in Mzimba.

Below are some pictures at Mchezi, Malawi with Chariot 2 before heading on to Kenya. They had 3 baptisms and ten churches benefited as this Chariot handed out Church of Christ signs. This is in the mountains and a remote, neglected area. The churches were grateful and thanked Moster and the team. This chariot then crossed over into Kenya at the end of June.


Please pray for the team pictured above as they travel with the Gospel Chariot through Kenya in July.  This is Layman Mpharo, on the left, and Robert Hara, on the right, and in the middle is brother Tom Opondo, one of our Kenyan coordinators. 

Layman and Robert are our Malawi Gospel Chariot team and they travel as far north as Kenya with their chariot.  They have just arrived safely in Kenya for a whole month of gospel meetings with the evangelistic Kenyan brethren.

It cost the chariot $1,111.00 to cross through customs and border control to preach there for a month.  Please pray for the Kenyan brethren as they use the chariot and let people know about Jesus.  Next year, 2016, Kenya will be getting their own Gospel Chariot and who knows how many borders they will be crossing and how far they'll be spreading the Good News of Jesus.  Below you can see some photos of the work that is already happening there with the Malawi chariot.


Isaac Daye, who oversees the mini gospel chariot in Liberia, reports that just over 100 souls were baptised this last quarter - this includes one elderly woman of 102 years old and also a man aged 90!

The month of April saw a lectureship being held for the first time in Liberia and the churches are hoping this will become an annual event. 

Then there is also the wonderful news that a new congregation has been planted in Gbarkormah village.  A team of 8 workers went to the area.  They baptised 17 people on the Friday and Saturday and then on the Sunday they had their first worship service together and another 8 people were baptised.  They had a total of 96 people attending this first worship service!

They then took their three man team on a 227 miles trip from Monrovia to Bahn in Nimba county to share in the 6th WBS graduation of 42 WBS students.  Isaac reports that they were blessed with four souls baptised and added to the Church in Bahn.

Then in May the team then went out on a two day Gospel Chariot/WBS campaign on Peace Island near the capital and 25 souls were baptised and added to the new church (which was only planted in April!)

After this the chariot went on to Tower Hill and Marshall and after this Isaac planned to head out to Ghana.


Then don't forget Namibia.  We have started to build the Namibian mini chariot. It has been purchased in Windhoek and busy being built in South Africa due to all vehicles being brought into Namibia from South Africa.  So, it all works in our favour because the best body builders are found in South Africa.  It should be finished being built by the end of July, then it needs to be exported to Namibia and, Lord willing, we will have our two men trained up and working the chariot by September.

In preparation for all this we are having a Short Term Bible School semester in Windhoek and at the same time letting the driver evangelists get some additional bible training.  Then it will be all systems go for Namibia.

Below shows the body frame being constructed and below that shows what it will look like.  The same as the one built early this year for the Western Cape.  Please pray for Namibia.


We have just ordered, and managed to find a sponsor, for a full container of Bibles.  All 21,120 of them!  They are a complete Bible (Old and New Testaments) with helps at the back on how to become a Christian and also how to plant a church in your home.  

We have printed Bibles in the past, but only New Testaments and now we are managing to print the complete bible.  They are being printed in China and 20,000 are being shipped into South Africa for distribution in the Southern part of Africa and then 1,120 will be shipped to Perth, Australia where I will distribute and use them for outreach in Australia.  Remember last year the same donor helped us print and send a container of 30,000 New Testament Bibles to Ghana.  Our prayer now is to get a container of Bibles into Malawi next year for distribution in Central Africa.  Meaning all of our chariots will have Bibles as they work through the continent.  Thank you to all involved, you are making the World a better place.

Above shows the Bible and Bible helps at the back of the Bible that really helps all involved to explain the Gospel message.

Above shows some of the 30,000 bibles being loaded onto the Ghana Gospel Chariot for distribution in the Central Region.